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Thundercats 2011: The Lion-O/Cheetara/Tygra triangle


Have either of them bothered to ask what Cheetara thinks?  Or are they just gonna assume that whoever wins their big eventual fight will get the girl, cause it’s not like she has opinions or anything.

This.  Fighting over a girl is so fucking 19th century. 

A part of me still hopes that the show is actually going to point out that Lion-O and Tygra fighting over Cheetara is really dumb douchebaggery on both their parts, though.  Like I sort of want Lion-O and Tygra to have an actual fight about Cheetara just so that we can get a scene where Cheetara smacks them both down with “Excuse me gentlemen but WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO THINKING.”

Or if you’re feeling a bit more forgiving, you could interpret Lion-O’s “may the best cat win” as him declaring that he and Tygra are just going to both woo Cheetara until she eventually hooks up with one of them.  So they would be competing for her affection rather than actually fighting with each other over her.  But that… is really dumb and sexist in a different way, and I kind of doubt that the writers were going for that meaning, especially in light of the fact that neither of the brothers has had the balls to actually tell Cheetara that they like her.  Which is pretty much classic Nice Guy syndrome in a nutshell: They act as Cheetara’s quest-buddies and battle-buddies, and then expect her to reward them for that friendship-level stuff with romantic affection.  Um, no. 

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    I want her to dump them both in the nearest river, read them the riot act, then run off and be awesome all by herself....
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    This. Fighting over a girl is so fucking 19th century. A part of me still hopes that the show is actually going to point...