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Fandom sexism is always dissappointing.

Argh fandom dammit.  Please please please stop crowing about how Tygra “deserved” Cheetara more.

Because goddammit that is so freakin’ sexist.  ARGH.  Did we miss the episode’s point about how at the end of the day it’s Cheetara’s choice to make?  And how neither of the brothers “deserved” her more, and how that was an utterly wrong-headed way to be looking at the issue in the first place?

I support this ship, but am frankly embarrassed by some of the scary sexism oozing out from the Tygra/Cheetara shippers right now.  Talking about how Tygra deserved Cheetara more or was the better choice for her is still treating her as a prize to be won by the most “deserving” brother, which is crap.  Also this weird argument about how Tygra “deserves” Cheetara more because he never competed for her the way that Lion-o did or that he never treated her like an object is… also crap, because he certainly did compete with Lion-o over her and thus treated her like an object to be won.  I’m not saying that in order to argue that Tygra shouldn’t be with Cheetara, because a dude can have flaws and still end up with the girl that he loves, but I gotta wonder what show we were all watching that so many Tygra fans are denying that he ever acted assholish about the love triangle in the first place.

FTR, neither brother “deserves” Cheetara more.  Nobody “deserves” her.  That’s the sexist mindset that made both brothers act like assholes in the first place.

So far the show has been refreshingly consistent in portraying both of the brothers’ asshatish rivalry for Cheetara in a negative light.  Not their feelings for her, which are genuine, but their fighting over her, which is dick behavior and wrong-headed - a fine line to walk, but I think the writers pulled it off.  And this night’s episode is still a part of that.  The entire point was that Lion-o wasn’t actually betrayed by Tygra, therefore it was wrong of him to feel betrayed by Cheetara and Tygra kissing.  Lion-o feeling betrayed by Tygra because Cheetara chose Tygra is immature, asshole behavior, and shows that he still has a lot of growing up to do.  Which I’m pretty sure was THE POINT of the episode: Fighting over Cheetara made the brothers behave like assholes in the astral plane, therefore fighting over Cheetara is wrong.  Fighting over the Sword of Omens and the power stones made the brothers behave like assholes, therefore fighting over the Sword of Omens and the power stones is wrong.  Lesson learned: Respect the Sword’s choice.  Respect Cheetara’s choice.  And of course Lion-o promptly un-learns the lesson in the last thirty seconds because a) he’s still an immature teenager with a lot of growing up to do and b) if every conflict between the brothers were neatly resolved in one episode then we’d be in for a hella boring second season. 

But for the fandom to un-learn the episode’s moral lesson during those last thirty seconds is just beyond embarrassing.  Come on, guys.  The show is giving us a beautifully rare moral lesson about how a woman has the right to choose her beau and how fighting over a love interest is wrong, and the fandom is still splooging sexism everywhere?!

Can’t we just concentrate on how badass Wilykit and Wilykat (and Grune, of all characters!) were in this episode instead of writing all of this sexist crap about Cheetara and Tygra?

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    The one thing I want to say is Cheetara playing around with Lion-O or the suggestion of it is kind of a dick move but...
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